Long Story Short

To give you a little peek behind the curtains, there is a story of our own about how the Great Britain Waffle came into the making. Unlike any other dessert manufacturing company, ours has taken a long journey through different industries to be born. The makers of The Great Britain Waffle – Tilak, Pavan & Kanisha belonged to families that had a well-established business. This deep dive into the core of business made the founders capable of handling smooth operational policies and building a strong team of enthusiastic professionals. Their philosophies of nurturing a business include loads of love, passion, hard work, and 110% dedication.

The story continues with a waffly twist in all their lives which brought them together to see a vision of becoming the fastest-growing waffle chain in India. This goal was established after their tour to Europe when they learned about mouth watering the various waffles with exotic tastes and types. This craving for the sweetness was planted in their stomachs by their British aunt who used to make mind-swivelling waffles in a small town called Norfolk in East England. They knew right then if anything could make someone freeze time and enjoy an everlasting beautiful moment, it was the British waffles. 

The waffles were the epitome of softness with a plethora of flavours. The moment that was captured during their experience of having Waffles on a cold night made the founders realize that it was to be introduced to our own nation. They knew right then, that their aunt’s secret recipe for waffle batter would make the experience even crunchier, and even more luscious! That was the moment they decided to bring to India their very own Great Britain Waffle!

This is the story of our lives and the story that got us to start the Great Britain Waffle. We all are bound to experiences, as we learn to give a better meaning to our lives. Each one of us drives to be a storyteller and the episodes we remember the most are the ones that hold a remarkable impression on our lives. Great Britain Waffle aims to create countless experiences that contribute to the story of your life. Because waffles are the definition of a good time. Their qualities reflect warmth and sweetness which is exactly the recipe for a good life. We add the flavours of our respect, friendliness, honesty, and sincerity towards your invaluable time through our services.

Faces Behind Great Britain Waffle


One of the rarest people you’d find on Earth, he is a man-made machine, probably one of the fastest and smartest ones God has ever made. He is a logically programmed businessman, who has solutions to the greatest problems. You might want to catch hold of him for an exciting business opportunity with Great Britain Waffle.


A perfect combination of sweet & spice, she believes in a work culture where happiness is a precondition. She is the kind who works to achieve great things in her own unpredictable ways. Her mantra at Great Britain Waffle is ‘Be Happy, Be You, Be Bright, Right’. And guess what, she is indeed always right!


A man with a creative edge, he is a contemporary thinker and strongly believes in the things that his gut tells him. You’d either find him leading strategies that sell at Great Britain Waffle or enjoying a good business brunch. Instincts love him as much as he loves his own business adventures.

Mission Statement

Our Waffles

The ethical sourcing of the finest ingredients to serve freshly baked waffles to our customers has been inherently cultured at GBW.

Our Customers

We fully engage to make a connection where we laugh with & enliven the lives of our customers – even if it is just for a few moments.

Our Stores

With a break from the outside world, our stores have become a retreat for our customers. The enjoyment of speed of life – sometimes slow & savoured, at times swift.

Our Partners

Embracing the work starts with calling each other partners as it is not a job, but a work of passion. Treating everyone with dignity and respect. And we make sure to hold each other to that standard. We enjoy the kind of success that rewards our franchise owners. We are fully dedicated to getting each of these elements right so that GBW – and everyone it touches – can endure and thrive.

Our Neighbourhood

Every store is part of GBW culture, and we take our duty to be good neighbours seriously. We want to be invited in wherever we do business. Our duty – and our potential for being a front runner – is even larger. The world is looking at GBW to set the new standard, yet again.